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    Review of Hawks Property:

    This is a fairly new author for me. And this first book in the series was amazing. It was a little different from the usual MC books I read, and when I say different, I mean that in a god way. Cara gets drug to the rough biker bar by a friend. As soon as Hawk walks in she is immediately drawn to him. He helps get her out of a situation, and things heat up, but Cara freezes and things cools off quick. Hawk is determined to get to know Cara, and what Hawk wants, he gets. As VP of the Insurgents MC, he’s a force to be reckoned with. There is a killer loose, doing very vial things to young pretty girls in town, no clues as to who is doing it. The MC needs help as law enforcement has their sites on taking down the club, and it just happens, they show up in Cara’s law office. When face to face again, Hawk knows and feels the attraction is there and it’s strong between the two of them. Cara fights it, and Hawk is persistent. She thinks she needs someone different in her life someone safe and definitely not a 1% outlaw biker. When Cara’s life seems to be in danger, Hawk steps up and prepares to keep her safe at all cost.

    The passion in this book was amazing. And the mystery, and the intense storyline kept me glued to my kindle. I had all kinds of emotions while reading this book. How it ended, I did not see that coming. And I love a book that keeps me guessing the while way, and I love those moments when I realize it didn’t end how I thot it would. Will be reading this series til the end and following this author!!!


    “This story is nothing like I have read before it’s more, alot more….  Everything about his storywill just blow your mind. I know once I reached the end I wanted more andcouldn’t believe the outcome of it all. It’s really amazing. First time readinganything by this author and it wont be my last, She held my attention on everypage and had twist that went along with it. Head spinner MUST READ. So worthevery word and letter. 5 star read.” ~ Whispered Thoughts

    “The chemistry between Cara and Hawk is over the charts andthe story line is fabulous. I was surprised in the end who the killer was as Ithought it was another douche. From beginning to end this will leave youbreathless! I can’t wait for the next book!” ~ Blushing Reads

    Jax’s Dilemma:

    “This is a wickedly good read. I readit pretty quickly as I couldn’t put it down.
    I thought the storyline was great. I found it emotionaland angsty with taboo subjects that give it the darkish theme. Really enjoyedthis story. Looking forward to reading more of this series.”~ 2 Friends Pimp Your Books

    “I really loved Jax. So patient and supportive ofCherri. Looking past just the fact that he wanted her in his bed. He wants inher heart and will fight for her in every way possible. I loved their story. Igive Jax’s Dilemma 5 hearts!” ~ She Hearts Books

    “I highly recommend you read this story you won’t bedisappointed.” ~ Bella’s Blog

    “I am addicted to this series!  I love,love, love MC genre books and the Insurgents MC series is top notch…. When I dreamof my ‘dream guy’ he is a guy like Jax. A sexy, alpha biker that cherishes theground I walk on, even if he isn’t sure why at first. I do want to warn you though,get those tissues out, because you will need them!!! I absolutely lovedeverything about this book, even the parts that ripped out my heart!” ~ SexyBook Reviews

    “I was pulled right intothis story. The story has laughs, pain, kidnapping, secrets, abuse, andheartbreak…. I was able to connect with the characters and the story was agreat read. I recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from thisauthor.” ~ Renee Entress’s Blog

    “This book is afar darker and gritty read than Hawks Property. Jax and Cherri are two verycomplex characters with their own traumatic stories to tell. Ms. Wilder hasdone an amazing job with this 2nd book in the Insurgents MC series.What I like a lot about her writing is that the stories in this MC are not thesame, they are each very different, very intriguing and suspenseful. Jax’sDilemma is told in dual POV’s and the story is filled with angst, drama,jealously, suspense, violence and betrayal…. It was just so worth the ride.” ~ Lustful Literature


    Chas’s Fervor:

    “5 sexy MC stars!!!  Holy wow, this book wassuspenseful and hot in all the right places!!  I’m ready to ride on theback of Chas’s bike!!! Definitely worth picking up and reading!!” ~ Alpha Book Club

    “5 Amazingly Worthy Stars!!! I freaking loved this book and being my first Chiah Wilder book I am so goingback and reading more!!! I am seriously still at a loss for words about this book. It was sexy and sofull of suspense and a bit of drama. This book will take you on more than justa ride on the back of Chas’s bike. It will have your heart beating out of yourchest!!!” ~Judy Miracle (Wild and Dirty & Wicked Babes Blog

    “I’m really enjoying this series. And I thinkthis book maybe the best of the series yet. I can’t wait to see where it goesfrom here.” ~Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews

    “Holy hotness. Chas isa sizzling hot naughty talking badass biker man. They are scorching hottogether, but Addie’s got a pretty big secret she’s hiding. I so loved theirstory and can’t wait for more of this series.” ~ She Hearts Books

    “Let me start by saying if you have notread the first two books in this series; Hawk’s Property and Jax’s Dilemma youare missing out. The covers are amazing alone. These are some of the best MCseries books I have read. I love Jax and Hawk and I just knew nothing couldsway me from them being my number one guys .. until Chas. Every book of Chiah’sis filled with emotion whether it be passion, anger, fear, betrayal,commitment, soul scorching heartbreak or all of them wrapped up in one bigka-boom. You cannot go wrong clicking up her stories.. Its raw and I love it… Chiah you are brilliant. You keep me turning the pages as fast asI can and Im anxious for the next and the next and the next.” ~ Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets
    “I can’t seemto get enough of Chiah Wilders Insurgents MC series. Each of the members storyso far, have been nothing short of brilliant! She proceeded to have me fall forthe sexiness of Hawk, the personality of Jax, and now the heart of Chas…. Ireally must say I loved where Chiah went with this story.” ~ Sexy BookReviews
    “Chasand Addie are amazing characters, first as individuals and secondly as acouple. The first meeting between Chas and Addie you can just instantly feelthe chemistry between them. As the story continues the chemistry between themonly gets stronger as does their relationship. I loved how their relationshipand trust between one another great naturally…. I am anxiously awaiting thenext book in this series.” ~The Smut-Brarians

    Axe’s Fall:

    “OMG another great read from Chiah. I loved reading aboutAxe and Baylee. Chiah does a wonderful job writing a story that will have youhooked from the beginning and then throwing in twists and turns in her books.You spend the whole book trying to figure out who the bad guy is and then whenyou think you know everything BAM there’s another twist…. I look forward toreading more by Chiah. She always writes stories that will keep you sucked inand eager to get more.” ~Wicked Babes Blog Reviews

    “Thechemistry between Axe and Baylee is definitely electric, almost tangible, butthey both know the score: just one night. Yeah, right…. Regardless of howbadass Axe is, watching him fall for Baylee and even experiencing those strangefeelings (what we call jealousy) was great.” ~ My Book FilledLife

    “LOVED Baylee and Axe!! He’s a persistent thing I’llgive him that. And Baylee is strong and determined, I love the strongheroines!! She’s the perfect blend of smart and sassy, sexy and feminine. Axeif full on alpha, take no prisoners always gets what he wants.” ~ AOne-Click Addict’s Book Blog

    “As always Chiah Wilder gives us a kickass biker story thatonly serves to get your blood pumping and craving for more. Of course we canall guess that the name is synonymous with Axe falling in love, and boy do Ilove a tough and rough biker falling head over heels. But what I loved evenmore, was that Axe continued to be the epitome of the Alpha male. When youthink animal kingdom, think of Axe…. Chiah Wilder has given us a strongand ambitious heroin, with a heart of gold. And Axe, swoon, this man can roughme up anytime.” ~Got More Books

    “I was pulled right into thisstory. The story has laughs, pains, secrets, and heartbreak. I was able toconnect with the characters and the story was a great read.” ~ Renee Entress’sBlog
    “Heck Yes, Axe is one ofthe best Alpha’s Chiah has written. I loved this one the characters connectedso well with each other.” ~Morning Books and Coffee

    “This story was a quick read for me but Iloved every minute of it. It is well written and the constant banter betweenAxe and Baylee is hilarious. The sex scenes are spectacular. First of all,these two hump like rabbits. Everything they seemed to be alone they were goingat it. And Axe’s dirty mouth was something all in itself. There were many partswhere I found myself blushing and some of the stuff he said or even the thingshe did to Baylee…. Great writing!” ~ We Stole Your Book Boyfriend

    Banger’s Ride

    “OMG I can’t even begin to describe howfantastic this book is! I am utterly in love with Banger! He’s a total bada@@and you can’t help but latch onto him! Belle is everything you want to be in awoman and she won’t take Banger’s crap!!! I’m addicted to this series, I needmore now!!” ~Alpha Book Club

    “I loved this book and can’t wait forthe next installment of the Insurgents MC. A great mix of romance, suspense anda bit of angst thrown in.” ~Ebook Indulgence

    “I haveto say that the Insurgents have become one of my go-to series…. This bookhooked me from the beginning and held me till the end. It made me laugh, it definitelyhad a few shocking moments, there was some action, of course some smoking hotmoments.” ~BumbleBee Book Reviews

    “I’ve been waiting for Banger’s book, and the waitwas well worth it! Great book, and I seriously can’t wait for more from thisauthor!” ~ Hellmouth’s Book Blog & Reviews

    “One of my favorite genre I have read so manyMC books. This one was my first of Chiah Wilder, but won’t be my last. What ahell of a ride Banger and Belle story was. It had the dirty talk, the mystery,the teenager who needed a butt kicking. Hot biker’s and their old ladies. Overallthis was a well written book and a wonderful mc romance.” ~ JustaBooklovinJunkie

    “Lordy Lordy I love a biker book with sassyand crazy characters and this is what I got in Banger’s Ride.” ~ Kaidans Seduction

    “This was a great MC Romance. Banger andBelle have an instant attraction. The storyline is well written and keeps yourinterest.” ~Loves 2 Read Romance

    “Banger’s Ride by Chiah Wilder is a fun, sexy, andthrilling read! I seriously couldn’t stop once I started. This is the firstbook I’ve read from this author and now I’m a huge fan! This book ispart of a series but can be read as a standalone. I started with this one andplan on reading the others. The author did an amazing job on both the story andcharacters! I look forward to reading more from this author! I give this 5stars!” ~ The Literary Vixen

    “This is a great story about finding lovesecond time around after losing your partners. I really like how this waswritten and how they both struggled with moving on and letting each other intotheir lives. This book has a great mix of romance and twists and turns throwninto it. The romance and sex scenes were spot on with the right amount ofspark. Will be looking out for the next book in the series and will be readingbooks 1-4 shortly.” ~Book Lovers Reviews and Recommendations

    Jerry’s Passion:

    Another winner! Jerry’s watched Kylie mature from a lovely teen to a young woman. He’s had eyes for her since the day he first saw her but knew her dad Banger (Banger’s Ride) would kill him just for looking at her, let alone touching her. Kylie’s had her young eyes on Jerry as well. She loves her dad but she will have Jerry. And Kylie has just enough of Banger in her to keep him from thinking he can beat his chest at her without her thumping him back. There is the requisite villain as well, but does this damsel need her knight to save her?


    Classic story girl and boy Love each other, over protective father a nd uncles., except it’s set in the world of motorcycle MC’s. It’s full of murder and mayhem when a stocker targets Kayley for her fathers sins. Chiah Wilder has put out another Good book St in the insurgencent’s world. the cover is cool also the black and white chest set off by her pink fingernails and the tattoos colors